What Happens to Flooring When There is a Flood Cleanup?

Talking about flood restoration  – specifically flooring with Jason Knox  BC Preferred Restoration

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation. We’re here talking about restoration of your home after a flood with Jason Knox from BC Preferred Restoration in Vancouver. How are you doing today Jason?

Jason: Doing great, thanks Mark.

Mark: so, we’ve just had some torrential rains, and we’re going to talk about flooring. So what happens to flooring when there is a flood cleanup?

Jason: Yeah, good question. Typically on most claims flooring is the biggest cost item, single item involved in the claim. In most cases it means, if it’s a substantial flood, it means tearing out and replacing the existing flooring so it turns into a pretty big job in most cases.

Mark: So what does the insurance company cover?

Jason: So insurance companies pay to restore things to a pre loss condition within your home after a flood so if it relates to flooring this means that insurance companies will pay to replace if need be flooring of comparable quality and kind in the affected areas and sometimes in even unaffected areas depending upon how your house is set up and whether or not your flooring is matching and running continuous throughout your hallways and other rooms in other areas, this sort of thing.

Mark: So, you’ve given me a three letter acronym. What is ICC?

Jason: ICC, so this is something the insurance companies use. It’s a company, it’s actually a private company out of Toronto and their purpose is to basically analyse flooring samples that are sent in by insurance companies and contractors to establish costs on the flooring, so they’ll tell you how much per square foot or yard that type of flooring is worth and where locally we would be able to buy that type of flooring. It’s a good way for the insurance company just to ensure that everybody’s playing on a level playing field, if you will rather than leaving estimates open to interpretation as it sometimes happens.

Mark: So, can I select different flooring other than what I had?

Jason: Yes, absolutely you can. Now insurance companies again will pay to restore to pre loss condition and we will establish what the allowable amount for your flooring is. You can take that amount and you can use it towards any type of flooring you want to see reinstalled possibly having to pay a little bit extra depending if it’s an upgraded style or type of flooring.

Mark: So what types of flooring would you say is kind of the best and I guess that’s really about what’s the most and least water resistant.

Jason: Yeah, I get that question all the time and for obvious reasons people going through a flood once is about enough in most cases and they don’t want to have to see all their floor ripped up again but bottom line I always tell people is that you shouldn’t choose based on what is going to stand up to the water the best, you should always choose based on preference, what do you like and that’s what it boils down to but if that is the question, what is most water resistant, you’re looking at basic sheet vinyl without a sub floor right, so you’re wanting to go straight onto your concrete slab with sheet vinyl. Tiles are good as well as long as your grout is intact and sealed; some stone tiles, same thing but you would have to have the whole tile sealed as well to make it completely water resistant, but again, you go through a flood once and you might not see it again for 25 years but you will be walking on those floors every single day, so go by preference, go by what you want to see, that’s what you should put down.

Mark: Yeah, it’s really more about how’s the outside of your house prepared to deal with the causes of the flood rather than trying to prepare the inside, in case.

Jason: Absolutely, yeah keep the water out. You know, common sense, too, certain materials like laminate flooring for instance isn’t going to stand up to water at all and you don’t want to be putting it in the high moisture areas like washrooms and laundry rooms. So use your common sense but at the same time, pick what you like.

Mark: So, we’ve been talking with Mr. Jason Knox of BC Preferred Restoration.ca. You can reach them at 604-295-8646. If you get in trouble these guys can help you out; they deal with everything for you, so they talk to the insurance, they get it all ready to go so you don’t have to worry about it. Thanks Jason.

Jason: Thanks Mark.