Sewage Backup Cleanup

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Sewage backups are a major health risk. Sewage cleanup must be done quickly to limit potential health problems to home owners.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Has Two

Immediate Actions:

1. Physical removal of the contaminated water and other material.

2. Then chemical disinfection to make sure that all contaminants are gone.

Physical cleanup requires pumping out of all water, sewage waste and debris. Then all the rest of the wet is removed by vacuum or professional dryers and dehumidification.

All contaminated rugs, other hard to disinfect flooring, furniture, contaminated wall board and insulation are removed.

Chemical disinfection requires use of disinfectants to eliminate microbial organisms like bacteria and viruses.

What actions are taken depend on the extent of damage, type of materials contaminated, duration of contamination, and amount of ventilation available.

For instance, if a toilet backup is contained to your bathroom floor, only that area and any rugs need be mopped up, dried and disinfected. Then, the underlying cause of the toilet backup must be dealt with by a plumber!

More seriously when sewage contamination is a result of flooding or basement sewage line backup, then cleanup, restoration and disinfecting will be more extensive. In such serious cases use of professional cleaning services is important. We have the tools to do the job properly and in a way the keeps your family safe!

Sewage contamination must be properly handled in order to kill all harmful microbes that have contaminated your building.

Workers wear protective suits and masks to avoid any contact or inhalation of contaminated particles. Sewage contaminated water adversely effects the indoor air quality of your home. If the contamination remains untreated or is improperly cleaned up, the opportunity for development of pathogenic microbes increases. This can make your whole home toxic.

Just a few of the diseases that people can develop as a result of contact with sewage contaminated water or items include Hepatitis, salmonella, bacillary dysentery, balantidiasis, and skin infections.

Common misconceptions include thinking that sewage-contaminated river, lake, or ocean is ok.

Any body of water contaminated by sewage water or waste is filled with microorganisms, viruses, pathogens, microbes, germs, and bacteria. When the water is allowed to stand the microbes quickly multiply. Then if this sewage-contaminated water floods homes, these microorganisms are health hazards and it gets worse when they are trapped under carpets, floor coverings, or inside walls.

Carpets contacted by sewage-contaminated water are not salvageable. The same is true for any other porous material like bedding, sofas, papers, toys and other upholstery. Any furnishing you can't completely disinfect with boiling hot water has to be disposed of properly. It is toxic!

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