Flood Restoration #2

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation. Today we’re talking with BC Preferred Restoration, their manager, Jason Knox is going to be talking to us about what it is they do, what’s important about, the most asked questions they get when somebody calls, they’ve got a flooded basement. So welcome Jason, good to hear from you today, how’re you doing?

Jason: Yeah thanks Mark, doing well, how are you?

Mark: I’m good, so I guess when somebody’s basement is flooded the first question they ask you is a pretty obvious one, how soon can you get there?

Jason: Yeah, for sure, so it’s important to get on things quickly to prevent further damage, we offer 24/7, 365 days service and our response time is promised to be within one hour throughout our service area.

Mark: That’s really impressive, so when somebody, I guess when somebody calls and it’s two o’clock in the morning and the basements flooding I imagine that one of the things they want to ask you is, can this wait?

Jason: Yeah, sometimes that comes up for sure, I mean nobody likes dealing with things at two o’clock in the morning but again time, time is of the essence and we definitely want to take advantage of that by getting on things quickly so you know, I get to, I get to be the lucky person making those phone calls waking my guys up at yeah, two o’clock in the morning or whatever it might be but you know, that’s the business we’re in and we all accept that and provide that for our customers like I say, any time of day.

Mark: So why, let’s dig into that a little bit, like why is it important, what’s, what’s why wouldn’t it matter if there’s four feet of water in the basement for a few more hours?

Jason: Yeah, exactly so I mean water will continue coming in or could possibly coming in until you know, whatever’s causing that has been corrected. The faster we can get that corrected; you know the faster we can get the water out, the faster we can prevent water from migrating to other areas of the basement of the house that might not already be affected. A lot of times certain materials come into play as well that the faster you can get on removing the water from certain materials like carpeting and drywall for instance it helps in preserving these materials and in most cases you’re able to save a lot of these materials whereas otherwise you might have to be replacing these material at you know, at a higher cost.

Mark: So I imagine that one of the, another I know what would come up for me is, is this covered by my insurance?

Jason: Yeah, a natural question right, you’re dealing with an emergency like this and you want to know how much is it going to cost, you know it’s going to be a lot and you know you have house insurance and a very natural question, is this going to be covered so certain things are, certain things aren’t. Insurance companies look at you know, the cause and the origin of the water, if it’s you know, if it’s a water damage situation, where did the water come from and what’s causing it to happen, is it something that is a chronic outstanding, long outstanding issue that you know, may not be covered or is it something that’s happened you know, through no fault or knowledge of your own and it has happened suddenly which is, which is good and covered by insurance so these things can’t be answered with 100% certainty until you know, one of our representatives is out to assess the situation and you know, we’re trained in recognizing you know, these things and we help our customers in doing the same.

Mark: So, I guess that’s sort of the lawyers answer, it depends and I understand completely because it would depend if, if, if it’s a flood from external forces or water or rain or creek or is it you didn’t maintain your drains and do you guys work with that sort of stuff, do you help with homeowners with maintaining things and making sure stuff is you know, prevents that kind of catastrophic failure?

Jason: You know as a restoration company we, we deal with the emergency as it’s presented to us you know, doing the initial clean up and the removal of the water, the drying of the structure and then the replacing of the materials as need be. As far as maintenance to the actual plumbing systems and this sort of thing this is more something that is dealt with by a plumbing company which we can refer to our customers you know, whatever they might need.

Mark: Awesome. Is there anything else you’d like to say today Jason, what else should we cover here quickly.

Jason: Well just if you need to reach us in an emergency you can get us like I say 24/7, 365 anytime day or night at 604-295-8646 or through our website at bcpreferredrestoration.com and like I say, one hour response time, anytime night or day and we’re there to help you.

Mark: Great, thanks a lot Jason. Again that’s BC Preferred Restoration at bcpreferredrestoration.com or 604-295-8646, 604-295-8646. Thanks a lot Jason, have a great weekend.

Jason: Yeah, you too, thanks Mark.