After a Sewage Backup

Clearing up the Mess... After the Flood or Sewage Backup

If you have a sewage back-up in your own home, you Need To clean up properly to prevent getting ill or injuring your family. Stop your children accessing any contaminated parts of the home before and during cleaning!

Below are suggestions on how best to clean-up flooding or sewage backup.

Safety First:

  • Have your utility companies shut off the gas and electricity.
  • DO NOT touch the fuse box or any plugged in cords or appliances until the electricity is shut off. Touching these could result in electric shock.
  • If an electrical motor or its controls were or are submerged under water, DO NOT restart any appliances without consulting with the dealer or a service company.
  • Do not relight appliances until checked by a gas fitter or the utility. Pilot lights must be on before relighting burners.
  • DO NOT light matches until the gas is turned off. If there is a gas leak, it could cause an explosion.

Cleansing and Sanitizing:

  • Drain all flooding and sewage by draining or pumping.
  • Clean off dirt, soil and debris from surfaces that came in contact with flood waters. Wear proper protection.
  • Wash down all walls, floors, etc. that flood water or sewage touched with clean, warm or hot water and a low suds detergent.
  • Use warm or hot water to rinse again.
  • If there was no sewage contamination - Sanitize by rinsing walls, floors and surfaces using 8 tbsps of bleach per gallon of water.
  • Air dry the area by opening windows and using fans.
  • Make sure to not track flood debris and sewage into clean areas.

Clothing, Carpet and Furniture:

  • Clothing, carpets, furniture, toys and bedding should be discarded unless they are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Movable objects can be moved outdoors for cleaning and then drying in sunlight.
  • Discarded clothing should be placed in a tightly sealed container until disposal.

After clean up, make sure that all clothing and parts of your body that came in contact with  flood waters and sewage are thoroughly washed. Be sure to wash hands immediately afterwards.